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Canada Visa

If you are planning to relocate to a new country, then Canada is one of the most ideal countries in the world to settle. With best of opportunities in professional front and high standard of living, Canada has become the prime destination for immigrants all over the world.

Canada Express Entry Program was launched in January 2015 by  Citizenship and Immigration Canada for skilled labor to come and join the Canadian workforce.  To understand it better, one must know that the invitations are open throughout the year.

Canada has something to offer to almost every profession – skilled workers, business men, investors or anything else. For the skilled candidates, there are various occupational opportunities for almost every sector like IT, healthcare, teaching line etc. all that the candidate needs to be aware of is the National Occupational Classification (NOC) in which skill levels O, A and B are highly acceptable.

The Process

The Canadian employers and provinces will further choose from the pool, to find those candidates who can fill positions that are vacant. To be placed in the pool, an applicant must submit an Expression of Interest under any one of the programs. Following this, the highest ranking applicants will be sent an Invitation to Apply [ITA] under any of the above mentioned Canadian Economic Programs.

Once an ITA is received, a candidate must submit a PR application that is fully completed. Such applications will take 6 months or less to be processed. The Canadian Express Entry requires an applicant to be eligible in terms of age, English language proficiency, work experience (in and outside Canada) and educational qualification.

Why Canada Immigration?

Canada is considered as one of the most favourable countries for the expats. The advantages of living in the White North cannot be assimilated in a few words. The upscale cities, wide spaces, and safety in the country leaves no room for doubting its amicability.

The low crime rate in the country is something cherished by the inhabitants all the time. A low rate of the gun ownership is a barefaced example of its level of safety. The country’s reputation all over the globe in terms of its security is immaculate.

Education is the other factor that drives thousands of foreign students to migrate to Canada and become professional adepts. The expenditure on the education made in the country supersedes any other country in the world. The work opportunities are equally qualitative. The deserving candidates get to engage in satisfying jobs.

Essentially, the Express entry program has the following stages:

  • Candidate files an online express entry form and may be asked to provide information related to his Qualifications, Experience, Occupation, Language skills, Canadian Education, Canadian Experience, Spousal language skills and also the presence of any blood relatives in Canada.
  • Canadian Government will review the profile along with relevant documents and information and then indicate the suitable and selected program from – Federal Skilled Worker Program, Skilled Trade, Canada Experience Class and Provincial Nominee Program. For example: if a candidate’s  profile shows that he will meet required pass mark for one of these programs, his / her profile will then be published in the Express Entry Pool.
  • It will be assessed to check whether or not the candidate meets the selection criteria of one these migrant programs. The selection criteria or minimum pass-mark to be eligible to file an application under Express entry program is 67 points. The candidates must meet the basic criteria of one of these categories to be eligible to qualify to be accepted in the “pool” of applications.
  • If he does meet the basic selection criteria, then his application will feature in a “pool” of candidates.
  • The electronic system will then rank the pool of applications and higher the candidate appears in the rank, better are the chances for him to get an invite for filing a Canada PR application.
  • Candidates who meet the selection criteria and have a confirmed job offer from a Canadian employer will be ranked higher in the Express entry pool and will get an invite to file the PR application from IRCC.
  • Candidates meeting the basic selection criteria should attempt finding a suitable employment to increase their scores and chances of receiving an invitation.
  •  Candidates can conduct an active job search and mail their profile directly to various employers and against advertised vacancies on the net.
  • In addition, the candidate can file their profile/resume in the Canada “Job Bank” where Canadian Employers, Federal and Provincial governments will access it. Job Bank will help to connect Express Entry candidates with eligible employers in Canada.
  • Also, each of the provinces will have a limited quota of candidates that it can nominate and hence the provinces can also be approached for the nomination. Candidates meeting the selection criteria, having a provincial nomination will mean a “higher” rank in the pool.
  • Candidate will be issued a job offer in Canada supported with Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). When selected by a Canadian employer.
  • Once he is offered LMIA, Government of Canada will immediately invite him to submit an application for Permanent Residence visa, which is called Invitation to Apply (ITA). Once he receives ITA, he will have to submit an application for Permanent Residence visa within 60 days along with required documents.
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada will process the majority of complete applications (meaning those with all the necessary supporting documents) in six months or less.
  • Candidates can stay in the pool for up to 12 months. If they do not get an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence within 12 months of submitting an Express Entry profile, they may submit a new profile. If they still meet the criteria, they can re-enter the pool.